Sunday, January 20, 2013

WWII Week! (part 7)

Dear Muse,

Just as songs ushered in the Second World War, so songs ushered it out, with much celebration for a long struggle that was finally over. Two songs I think are perfect to end this week's reminiscence of World War II: "Comin' In On a Wing and a Prayer" and "Long Ago (And Far Away)."

Memorable World War II Songs, part 7

Returning Home

1. "Comin' In On a Wing and a Prayer" - The Song Spinners, Songs That Got Us Through WWII

This triumphant song is a good reflection of general Allied sentiment at the end of the war. Personally, I like the version by Anne Shelton better, but the Song Spinners suggest more of a communal spirit of celebration.

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

2. "Long Ago (And Far Away)" - Jo Stafford, Songs That Got Us Through WWII

A nice tune for those soldiers finally come home - and for their overjoyed women welcoming them back. 

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest                                                      Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed listening to these songs! Now that WWII Week is over, it will be a puzzle deciding what to talk about next. But don't worry - I'll try to make my next post just as interesting. Wait and see!

                                                                                   'Till next time,

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