Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Art of Hey Ocean! (part 2)

Dear Muse,

Hey! It's time for more Hey Ocean songs!

Source: last.fm via Ariel on Pinterest

Two More Unique Hey Ocean! Songs

1. "Islands" (IS)

The tone and setting of this video makes me think of the novel My Side of the Mountain, or Into the Wild Don't you agree that this is exactly the type of wilderness Sam Gribley or Christopher McCandless would try to live in?

Then again, it also reminds me of a past trip to Ash Island, Maine: the gray fog, the steely waves, the forest and brush, the strip of beach, and the cold. Since the video is set in Canada, the environment is similar enough.

2. "I Am a Heart" (IS)

I love the creative, witty heart symbolism....except for the singing nipple. That's just bizarre.

                                                                              Next time: another showtunes review!


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