Saturday, January 19, 2013

WWII Week! (part 6)

Dear Muse,

Despite being busy in the factories and elsewhere on the home front, the ladies left behind couldn't help but pine for their men overseas, wondering when and if they would come home, and wistfully anticipating the day they could hold their loved ones in their arms again. I think you can appreciate this sentiment by listening to the following songs.

Memorable World War II Songs, part 6

Pining For Her Other Half

(Or, Romantic Wartime Songs)

1. "That Soldier Of Mine" - Helen Forest, Swing Out to Victory!

Lovely song about parting.


Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

2. "Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home" - Dorothy Dunn with Kay Kyser & his orchestra, Swing Out to Victory!

I bet this was on every woman's mind during WWII.

3. "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings" - Jerry Wald & his orchestra, Swing Out to Victory! (don't know who the singer is)

Very sweet, and a bit brighter than the other two songs.

Tomorrow: the final chapter in Memorable World War II Songs.

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