Sunday, November 18, 2012

Letter of introduction

Dear Muse,

Hello there! It's my first time writing a letter to you! Granted, I might have a bit of difficulty at first with these online letters, since I've been so used to writing letters by hand for all of my life. But, if you give me time and patience, I will try to make my thoughts worth your while. There's much I would like to discuss with you about music. 

What about me, you might ask? Well, I'm one of those people that goes around with a song constantly in her head. If I didn't listen to new music all the time, my spirit would probably wither like an unwatered plant. 

Why would I write to you, though? Simply because: whenever I hear new music, I have all these thoughts rolling and tumbling around inside my head, fizzing like electric sparks. Keeping these thoughts bottled up would irritate me; sharing them with you is more useful, since you could give me your feedback and your opinion. Who knows? I might learn something new from you. Then, a new spark of insight would enlighten my mind. 

Of course, the letters I will share with you will fall under certain conditions.

First, I'll only talk about specific kinds of music that I like or find intriguing.  

Second, my thoughts won't necessarily have to do with tempo or time measure or any music theory fluff. (I never invested much time in learning music theory - and much of what I learned, I promptly forgot.) They will mainly entail musings related to the themes or ideas in the musical or song.

Third, I won't necessarily write every day.

Fourth, you will have to bear with my sketchy drawings. I like to draw when I can, although my drawings' quality is not the best. Nor are my drawings always consistent. But, like Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince, I believe I must excuse my drawings to you from the beginning. I share his thoughts on the matter of illustration: "I am not at all sure of success. One drawing goes along all right, and another has no resemblance to its subject. [...] So I fumble along as best I can, now good, now bad, and I hope generally fair-to-muddling" (The Little Prince 19, Trans. Katherine Woods. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, Inc., 1943. Print.).

The annoying angel-character - or muse, whatever you like - pops up every so often in my imagination. My friends and family will also make appearances - but when I refer to them, whether in a cartoon or in dialogue, all except one (who specifically asked me to use her first name) will be addressed under code names. That is the fifth (and last) condition.

Since this was just an introductory letter, I don't count it as an "official music letter." That starts tomorrow. I look forward to it!

                                                                  'Till then,

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